Go to War with your friends or coworkers!
WarHITS is like call of duty, but you’re in the action!
Target your enemies with guns and weapons like nukes & airstrikes.
This is a game of running around and getting the blood pumping!

Get off your ass and into the game!

Get some friends and coworkers together and start a WarHITS mission! The objective is simple. Destroy your enemies before they destroy you. Advanced color detection and confirm HIT make this a painless and accurate warfare. This game is awesome for anyone who loves Airsoft, Paintball, and Nerf wars. Play outdoors, indoors, at the office (go postal at work!).

Attention Airsoft and Paintball gamers: Our next release will have a new feature that triggers WarHITS to fire at the same time as your Airsoft or Paintball gun. Send us an email if you want be part of the testing: warhits@ilaunch.it

Share your HITS!

Get the blood pumping using your iPhone or iPod touch as a virtual and painless weapon. Go outside or play indoors. Office cubicles make for a great battle ground with your coworkers. When your target is HIT, it’s recorded to review and share.

Death Match & Solo Missions

WarHITS has two missions (more on the way!), Death Match & Solo. Death Match is 2 or more players that compete to be the last one standing. Solo is a one person practice mission.

Weapons, Equipment, & Gear

Get the edge above your enemies! Upgrade your weapons and equipment. Not only can you destroy your enememy with weapons, but you also take them out with a Nuke, Air raids and many more. Be sure to check out the gear for great stuff to enhance your battle like colored tee shirts and an App blaster.

4.5 stars on Apple



We play this all the time at the office. It’s a great quick break and it’s funny to share your HITS with other coworkers. The boss even plays a mission or two. Would be 5 stars if you had an Android version.

Sloan K

My buddies and I are into paintball, but only get to play once in a blue moon. This game is cool as you can play anytime. Great paintball or airsoft alternative.

Arty B

Compare WarHITS

Compare WarHITS to some popular activities like PaintBall, AirSoft, LaserTag and Nerf guns. All great activities, but sometimes difficult to play anytime.


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