WarHITS shooter

WarHITS Shooter
Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a WarHITS shooter! Imagine hunting down your WarHITS enemy with this App blaster. Sold via Amazon.

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WarHITS Scrope

WarHITS scopes

Get closer to the enemy with a scope for your IOS device. Your enemy will not know where you shot from! Various models sold via Amazon.

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WarHITS Color Targets

WarHITS Color Targets
Want to play WarHITS but you or your enemies are colorless? Then download this free collection of color targets. You can attach to your shirt, put on a mask and even a color headband.


WarHITS Role Play

WarHITS Role Play
Make WarHITS missions more fun with role play. Put on a colored role play mask and start a mission of Super Hero vs. Super Hero like Batman vs. the Hulk . You can make your own and buy from Amazon. Party masks are also great for game play.

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Super Hero Masks!

Party Masks!

WarHITS Attire

WarHITS Clothing
Get a great looking WarHITS tee shirt or hat for great game playing and just showing off that you got off your ass and into the game.

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WarHITS Bandannas, Vests, & Ski Masks

WarHITS Vests
Check out the bandannas, vests, and ski masks for great WarHITS playing.



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